HBO Design & Consultancy

We provide a total design solution for your HBO center including chamber, technical room and all relevant subsystems layouts. Our expert team can support you to design your center in the most efficient way of usage. We provide comprehensive consultance using our benefit of field experience over 10 years. In each individual consultation you can…

Transport, Installation, Service

Transport & Installation Baroks provide transport and installation to their customers as a Turnkey solution. Leaving the customers free of mind for transportation and installation or commissioning of the chamber. The system become a functional and ready for customer’s use after our team complete the installation. During the transportation, following services are also offered to the customer. 1)…

Medyczne Szkolenia Hiperbaryczne

Hyperbaric Medical Training

We can organize diving and hyperbaric medicine training according to the European standard ECHM/EDTC. Course schedule – according to the rules: Hyperbaric and diving medicine 40+40 (40 hours hyperbaric + 40 hours diving medicine). PRETEST (diving physics) COURSE (full 5 days: 8 to 12 hours daily) – lectures, practical exercises, test of pressure. EXAM (written)…

Tunelowe Komory Hiperbaryczne

Tunnel Chambers

Tunnel Construction Works require TBM (tunnel boring machine) to drill tunnel. Special purpose Hyperbaric chambers are used inside the TBM. Hyperbaric chamber is used in TBM applications as a transfer under pressure unit (TUP).

Komory górnicze

9. Mining Chambers

Mining Rescue / Escape Chambers For mining operations there is a requirement that at certain distances there must be a rescue chamber. In case of a mine gas accident or a danger alarm, miners can escape to these chambers. Chambers are gas tight and accommadates food, water and other living Essentials for 36 hours or…

Komory hiperbaryczne wysokościowe

4. HYPO (Altitude ) Chamber

Application & use The hypobaric chamber supports training of personnel in altitude indoctrination flights. This includes pressure breathing exercises, combination flights, rapid decompression, oxygen equipment use, and emergency procedures. Applications extend to high altitude physiological problems in hypoxia, hyperventilation, and mechanical effects of trapped gas, gas evolution out of solution and stress interactions. Rapid decompression,…

Prostokątne komory hiperbaryczne

8. Rectangular HBO Chambers

Baroks rectangular chambers are designed, manufactured and tested according to EN 14931 and each phase of production has been inspected by internationally recognized certification companies. HBOT chambers are designed from 6 patients  up to 16 patients. As with all our products, we offer wide range and high standarts again.

Jednoosobowe komory HBO

2. Monoplace HBO Chambers

Baroks Monoplace chambers can be produced both as semi and full acrylic type. Our chambers has large internal diameter with 30” and 33.5” options. With its rich standard and optional features these chambers are the “best value solutions” for your hyperbaric medical center. The Monoplace Hyperbaric Treatment System is designed to safely provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy…

Jednoosobowa komora hiperbaryczna mobilna centrala - Baroks

One Man Transportable Chamber

The One Man Transportable Decompression Chamber is a single lock hyperbaric chamber for diver rescue. The One-man chamber is equipped with a standard NATO flange STANAG 1079 to permit the diver transferring under pressure to a fixed hyperbaric facility where treatment can be completed. The overall weight of the aluminium chamber is limited to 163…